College Council

The college council is constituted having the following faculty members of various departments of the college with an objective to solve various problems and plan for further development of the institute-


Sl. No Name Designation
1 Prof Lalit Kumar Meher, Dean & Principal Chairman
2 Prof Narayan Acharya, Superintendent Member
3 Dr. Mahendra Kumar Nayak, Prof Anaesthesia Member
4 Dr. Purna Chandra Dash, Prof Medicine Member
5 Dr. Sasmita Swain, Prof O&G Member
6 Dr. Avoy Ku. Dash, Prof Dentistry Member
7 Dr. Arpita Priyadarshini, Prof Physiology Member
8 Dr. Nirupama Devi, Prof Biochemistry Member
9 Dr. Satya Narayan Shukla, Prof Anatomy Member
10 Dr. Lity Mohanty, Prof Pathology Member
11 Dr.Manasee Panda, Prof Community Medicine Member
12 Dr Pravin G Dhone, Prof Pharmacology Member
13 Dr. Biswajit Sahu, Prof Orthopedics Member
14 Dr. Bipin Kishore Bara, Assoc Prof Surgery Member
15 Dr. Ashirbad Satapathy, Asst Prof Psychiatry Member
16 Dr. Sujeet Ku. Brahma, Asst Prof ENT Member
17 Dr. Sandip Ku. Sahoo, Asst Prof Ophtha Member
18 Dr. Bijaya Ku. Meher, Assoc Prof Paediatrics Member
19 Dr. Subal Ku Naik, Asst Prof FMT Member
20 Dr. Swetalina Jena, Asst Prof Microbiology Member
21 Dr. Krupasindhu Pradhan, Asst Prof DVL Member
22 Dr. Sasmita Meher, Asst Prof Pulm Medicine Member